GEMA represents the copyrights in Germany of more than 70,000 members (composers, lyricists and music publishers) and over two million rightholders from across the world. GEMA is one of the largest societies for authors of works of music in the world.



Through its state-of-the-art solutions, professional service approach and extensive knowledge of music copyright management, International Copyright Enterprise (ICE) provides music societies and their associates with a smart way to manage their own in-house copyright management systems and related processes. ICE’s solutions enable the customer to track and manage music usage across all media, including emerging market segments such as music downloads and internet airplay. ICE was founded in 2010 by the two music collecting societies STIM (Sweden) and PRS for Music (England). GEMA (Germany) joined as owners in 2015. ICE processes more than 2.8 million new work registrations from publishers and writer members each year. ICE enables music societies to manage copyright and helps organisations, music societies and interested parties adapt to the challenges they face in today’s ever-changing rights management business.



The Zentralstelle für private Überspielungsrechte (Central Organisation for Private Copying Rights, ZPÜ) is an amalgamation of nine German collecting societies in the legal form of a civil law partnership. The purpose of ZPÜ is to assert claims to remuneration, disclosure and reporting for the reproduction pursuant to section 53 (1)-(3) of the German Copyright Act (UrhG) of audio works and audiovisual works vis-à-vis manufacturers, importers and dealers of equipment and storage media whose type is used alone or in conjunction with other equipment, storage media or accessories for the purposes of such reproductions.




Seit über 60 Jahren besteht der unabhängige Verlag mit Sitz in Berlin.
In dieser Zeit hat sich Budde von einem der wichtigsten deutschen Verlage in ein international ausgerichtetes Musikunternehmen gewandelt.
Budde hatte weltweite Erfolge mit “Alphaville”, es wurden amerikanische Firmen gegründet, die mittlerweile Songs wie “Always On My Mind”, “Pata Pata” und “The Letter” verlegen.

Budde ist Ihr bester Partner für:

  • Administrationen
  • Schnellen und reibungslosen Geldfluss
  • Weltweites Subpublishing
  • Song-Platzierungen für Werbung und Film
  • Persönlichen Service
  • Jede Art von Musik
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