Team If you want to do great work, you need great employees. We have 140 of them.

About The requirements for collecting societies are evolving every day. That's why everything we do is geared towards finding solutions for tomorrow's world.

  • Who we Are

    In July 2014, GEMA spun off its IT department as a new company: IT For Intellectual Property Management (IT4IPM). By using our IT solutions and innovative strength, our parent company has since been able to further strengthen its position as one of the world’s most profitable collecting societies – and we have developed a level of expertise that is unique in the industry.

  • What we believe in

    Anyone who wants to use a work should be able to do so as easily as possible under copyright law. And when a work is used, its creators should be appropriately remunerated for it. That is how we see our role. That is what motivates us. After all, the more efficiently, reliably and quickly our IT platforms work, the better off the arts will be. Because they can then reach more people – and the creators make a living from their work.

  • How we work

    We believe that outstanding work is created in a team – without rigid hierarchies and with the aspiration that the best idea will always win. We live this conviction not only within the company, but also in our collaboration with clients. We actively seek to dialogue with them to find the right solution together.

  • What we do

    We help collecting societies to seize the opportunities opened up by the digital revolution. We advise, design, develop and operate. As a full-service provider, we support lean minimal solutions based on standard software as well as individually developed, comprehensive IT platforms that are customised, reliable and innovative.